Gary Vee 64 Pieces of Content Breakdown



Screenshot tweet and post on Instagram


Put my face on popular memes and add my message — Twitter, Insta


Do a “multi pic” post of my top posts — Insta

Also post as a pdf (document) on Linkdin


Any notes app. Screenshot and post — Insta, FB Linkedin


iPhone video — record ‘something’ and post — Insta, FB, Tweet, LI, YouTube


Livestreaming — I, FB, T, LI, YT


Cartoons — use a popular post and have it made into a cartoon or drawing — I, T, FB, LI


Use multiple images to create a FB slideshow. Download the slideshow as a video and post on other platforms.


Pictures — Post my life with tons of backstory. Variety is good.


Video Micro Content — Take clips from my videos and post everywhere. Use context. Apps to make easier: KAPWING, BATEABLE, PROMO.COM


Text Posts — Reuse text posts on all other platforms with context applicable to each site.


Quote Graphics — Post quotes over personal backgrounds (typo rama)


Stories — Screenshot posts &/or text interactions and post to stories with additional context. Insta, FB


Community Centric Posts — Pose a question with post asking for feedback. I, FB, LI


Commentaries — Add personal commentary over viral posts/videos or relevant content. Insta, FB, LI


Podcasts — Post on all the podcast platforms. Post on YouTube. Have any guests promote on their socials. Transcribe and post on blog.


Polls — Create a poll on FB, Twitter, Instagram Stories.


Tik Tok clips — Have fun and share to FB & Insta


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